domingo, 1 de fevereiro de 2009

Emily Dickinson: This is my letter to the world

Nossa, me "enamorei" de novo de Emily Dickinson e de sua brilhante forma de escrever: simples, pura, concreta, atingível...

This is my letter to the world,
That never wrote to me,-
The simple news that Nature told,
With tender majesty.

Her message is committed
To hands I cannot see;
For love of her, sweet countrymen,
Judge tenderly of me!

e o inesquecível... como poderia deixar de mencioná-lo?

I'm Nobody! Who are you?
Are you -- Nobody -- Too?
Then there's a pair of us!
Don't tell! they'd advertise -- you know!

How dreary -- to be -- Somebody!
How public -- like a Frog --
To tell one's name -- the livelong June --
To an admiring Bog!

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