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Nureyev Gala: June 28th 2014, Wiener Staatsoper

A Gala...

Usually an evening full of excitement, joy, expectations and even nervousness... and I was, sort of “travelling back" to the 80’s and to N.Y. and to the Met and to the ABT Galas… lovely, happy times in my life... filled with Baryshnikov, Makarova, Kirkland, La Fosse, Bissel, van Hamell...

Well, yesterday’s one was more than that… it was like a ceremony of happiness closing an extremely successful season for the Opera, for the Ballet, for the company, for Monsieur Legris!

Because of its mood of celebration I do not believe that Galas should be analysed, scrutinized, criticized…
well, at least I am not in the mood for that… I would just like to tell you about it from the point of view of one “average every day ballet goer” to another!

The whole “ceremony” took nearly 4 and a half hours and the audience had the chance; in fact, the honour to travel through many choreographic “worlds”, languages and eras; specially concerning style... very special, delicious!
The challenging programme, exquisitely chosen by Manuel Legris, was an unique, intelligent choice and combination of pieces which meant absolute delight and joy to the audiences (just beside me, two brazilian ladies, which in fact had no idea at all nor of ballet and neither of what the evening was going to bring us , were simply delighted, ecstatic of what they were witnessing… ). The precise conception of the evening reminded me somehow a good vitamin pill: yes, all the right ingredients, in the right measure! Perfect!

I would just like herewith to write down the programme and mention the brilliant dancers that gave wonderful performances (and many of them very intelligent "readings" of certain roles):

- Raymonda (Nureyev after Petipa)/ Valse fantastique: Liudmilla Konovalova, Robert Gabdullin, Alice Firenze & Nina Tonoli. Brilliant!

- Flower Feast in Genzano (Bournville): Ioanna Avraam & Dumitru Taran - simplicity combined with precise technique.

- Le Souffle de l’esprit (Jiri Bubenicek): Eno Peci & Masayu Kimoto. I wonder how Greig Matthews would have performed the third role…

- Swan Lake (Petipa)/ Black Swan pas de deux: with lovely Anna Tsygankova and Matthew Golding, guests at the Staasoper and with whom I had the chance to have a lovely talk during the Premiere party… Such normal, down-to-earth persons...

- Other Dances (Robbins): Kyoka Hashimoto & Deny Cherevychko, both simply filled with "Star-Quality"!

- Le Spectre de la Rose (Nureyev after Fokin): Ezster Ledán & Mihail Sosnosvschi - style...

- Labyrinth of Solitude (de Bana) : a « premiere » for the Staatsoper with Kirill Kourlaev, who simply « stole the show » from everyone and was the STAR of the evening…

- La Dame aux Camelias (Neumeier): with marvelous Isabelle Ciaravola & Friedemann Vogel ( Opera de Paris & Stuttgarter Ballet) as the second guest “couple”. Simply perfectly emotional!

- Paquita (Petipa): Anna Tsygankova and Matthew Golding as well as Natascha Mair, Nina Tonoli, Alice Firenze, Ioanna Avraam and Rui Tamai (who is going back to Japan after this season): a pure joy and celebration!

- Cinderella (Nureyev): Ketevan Papava. I wonder how Vladimir Shishov would have perfomed the role of the prince.

- Swan Lake (Nureyev): La Polonaise… his very own dreams becoming reality on stage. Amazing. Powerful! Wonderful!

- 5 Tangos (Hans van Manen): Denys Chrevychko (bringing down the house…)

- Die Fledermaus (Roland Petit): Ketevean Papava and Manuel Legris… Yes, simply an historical moment… Incredible! I am definitely proud to have witnessed this incredible moment...

And finishing the evening, a questionable but extremely appropriate choice… one can just understand that after "feeling" the whole conception of the programme.... yes, for sure...

- La Bayadère (Nureyev after Petipa): Anna Tsygankova, Liudmilla Konovalova (in the ungrateful and even sometimes unflattering role of Hamsatti), Vladimir Shishov & Marat Davletshin. Delightful!

After the performance and during the party given on stage Natascha Mair and Nina Tonoli were appointed “demi-soloists” and lovely, gifted Ioanna Avraam was made into a “soloist” – a position that she has been occupying for quite a time already. Well deserved.

After the “stage party” there was this “get together” at the Operngasse and friends made me go along with them.
Destiny played a funny trick on me and instead of sitting together with friends to whom I wanted to chat, I spent the most of the evening in a small “circle” of friends of Monsieur Legris (including one of my "idols", Isabelle Guérin/ Opera de Paris, whom I did not recognize; my fault, I fear!), getting to know him a bit better and enjoying a lot his wit, charm and intelligence.

So glad about this 2013/14 Season… looking forward to the next ones!

Well, what else can I say? (and I have said it many times): Merci, Monsieur Legris! (for the last seasons, for this fantastic one and for the upcoming ones!)

All pictures (except curtain call ones) © Wiener Staatsoper programme.

Nurejev Gala 2014 - On stage videos from DelbeauFilm on Vimeo.

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