segunda-feira, 17 de março de 2008

Ginger sem Fred...

Ginger realmente recebia melhores textos nos filmes em que trabalhava sem Fred... bem mais de acordo com sua personalidade.

Aqui um pouco de Ginger "at her very best"!

* "We'll show 'em a thing or three."
* "Is annoying people your life's work?"
* "You know, it isn't that gentlemen really prefer blondes. It's just that we look dumber."
* "It takes a lot of brains to be dumb."
* "If you're trying to annoy me, you certainly are succeeding."
* "I refuse to be a bowl in a gold of fish."

* "Me? That's not me! Do you think I'd be caught dead in that cheap negligee?"
* "If we get married now, I can start divorce proceedings in the morning."
* "You don't kiss like you look."

* "I wanna sin and suffer, and now I'm only sufferin'."
* "Cigarette me, big boy."
* "I wish I'd been born lucky instead of beautiful and hungry."

* "We started off on the wrong foot. Let's stay that way."
* "Listen, when I want a family, I'll get married and do it right!"
* "It ain't what people is, it's what other people thinks about 'em."
* "My! You look like something the cat dragged in and then dragged out again."

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