sexta-feira, 29 de fevereiro de 2008

Lulu in hell

Louise Brooks is still a great cult figure in europe.

A Denishawn dancer who turned into a follies glamour girl, than later an ingenue in silent movies who cemented her well deserved place in movie history with her explicit performance of "Lulu" in "Pandora's box".
I don't think America was quite prepared for such a woman... (is it now? ) much too open about her sexuality... beside her Madonna looks like a pensionist nun... but the "industry" punished her for her freedom... Can you imagine a movie star ending as a sales girl in Bloomingdales? or (as some biographers mentioned) as an "escort"?
Her essays are among the most intelligent ones ever written about Hollywood.
The documentary “Looking for Lulu” is superbly well researched. One is introduced to this girl and becomes fascinated by the woman she turned into... rare scenes from an elderly Brooks are a treasure and at the same time “ugly” to watch. There are even some "talkie" scenes from "The canary murder case"...
Definitely a "must" for every cinema lover...

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